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The Magnolia Transitional Program exists to strengthen the Path2Freedom mission by providing a safe environment and long-term care to the survivor residents who have aged out of the Foster Care system (ages 18-22) & have graduated from the Magnolia Safe House Program.  


To provide long-term safety and stability, graduates of the safe house are offered on-campus housing as they continue their journey to freedom. Participants continue their pursuit of independence with the on-going support most young adults would receive from their families.  


Our life coaches are able to meet the unique needs of each resident, using resources such as the Magnolia Optimal Wellness Survey & Casey Life Skills Assessments.  These young women will be coached along the way as they transition into adulthood to become self-sufficient – learning such things as budgeting, meal planning, home management, financial responsibility, job search, assessing career goals, and further education needs.


Program participants are given the opportunity to become independent, productive members of society. During their stay, they participate in college or trade schools, and develop study and work ethic.  Path2Freedom’s community partners teach participants about purchasing and maintaining their first car and about renting and mortgaging homes.

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