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The Magnolia Program is a family-first model of care that engages, equips, and empowers residents to claim total freedom over the effects of trauma while meeting the needs of the whole child in a trauma-informed environment.


The Magnolia Team engages with residents to help direct program services.  Residents of the Magnolia House are children first. They are, therefore, met with love and acceptance of a family and provided supportive programs according to their unique needs.


The Magnolia Team equips residents to explore areas of interest in the safety of the Magnolia home and supportive programs.  Residents are provided tools with which to support this exploration.


The Magnolia Team empowers residents to accomplish their goals inside and outside of the Magnolia home and supportive program structure.  The Magnolia Program empowers individuals to leave home with ongoing family-style support indicative of healthy family experiences. This includes a fund that offers financial support for long-term housing and other essentials.

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