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Physical restoration and safety are built upon the provision of rest, a good night’s sleep, balanced diet and nutrition, personal hygiene, exercise, and physical wellness.

individualized treatment team intervention

Treatment teams consisting of social workers, case managers, house mentors, survivor advocates, Path2Freedom staff, and carefully-screened volunteer service-providers partner with each survivor to offer a compassionate and clinical continuum of care.

trauma informed care

The staff and treatment teams are trained to understand and identify the dynamics, signs, and symptoms of trauma in order to facilitate a culture of healing throughout the entirety of the treatment process.

educational assessment

Year-round, on-site schooling, with a teacher, tutors, and mentors, allows each survivor a safe, appropriately paced education and skill set necessary for success.

counseling & recreation therapies

In addition to counseling, residents are offered numerous recreation therapies and interventions, outlined in their individualized treatment plans. Some of those activities include onsite Equine therapy, art therapy, gardening, play therapy, and aquatic therapeutic exercise.

spiritual experience

Path2Freedom is a faith-based organization that offers each survivor a nurturing environment with unconditional love and house mentors that model a traditional family unit. We are committed to serving the least of these and believe that God is in the business of restoration.

75% of the minor girls being rescued from sex trafficking locally were recruited from the foster care system, and without Path2Freedom are at risk of returning. Unfortunately, traditional foster care settings aren’t equipped to meet the extensive and critical needs of those we serve. Lacking are trauma-informed supports that truly understand the complexity of this abuse.

Path2Freedom is breaking the mold! Setting us apart is that our family-style residential programs are trauma-informed, long-term, evidence-based, and therapeutic. We practice individualized case management, meeting the unique needs of each resident, and year-round individually paced academic support.

Focused on restoration, our programs implement a biopsychosocial-spiritual approach to facilitating physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing from the deep wounds faced by those we serve. With this in mind, we have developed The Six Pillars of Restoration.

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