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The Path2Freedom Master Plan intentionally defines a “progression of care” that our organization believes is essential for deliverance in the rescued individual’s journey. That path, starting with their arrival on campus, through individualized professional care and restoration services, and culminating in their release back to society, is the mission of Path2Freedom.


Design Concepts

The Path2Freedom campus has a formal organizing strategy, yet is organic in its experiential qualities. A circuitous entry road to the Administration/Intake Building creates a sense of privacy, security, and establishes the beginnings of a journey for a resident. Upon leaving the Intake Building, a resident first encounters the Path2Freedom Monument that is centralized around access roads that offer multiple campus pathways and therefore convey an initial sense of freedom. 

Buildings are places for shelter and functional activities. In our campus setting, buildings are intentionally arranged so as to have their own micro-setting or site, but yet be part of an organized connected whole.

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In the Path2Freedom campus Master Plan, buildings become destinations in their arrangement which in turn provide for interstitial open space between them. Paths connect buildings creating an experience that is a reflective metaphor of the path and journey to acceptance, deliverance, restoration, and freedom a campus resident is embarking upon.

The final destination in the campus is the Hope Monument. The Hope Monument is in the center of a circular path that figuratively does not end. Hope can ultimately conquer the shame or dismay one may feel, and is attainable following a restorative process through the Path2Freedom journey.

Opposite the Safe House community is the Acceptance Monument and Community Center. This area of the campus addresses the community and relational aspects of life that human beings need for love and acceptance. The Acceptance Monument stands as a reminder of the power of community and the inclusionary process of love that the Path2Freedom mission endeavors to provide its residents. Beyond the Community Center is an arrangement of Animal Therapy Barns and Rescue Kennels with fenced yards and open pastures. Animal care therapy can be a powerful method for providing a sense of purpose, self-worth, control, responsibility, and achievement for a person who is psychologically traumatized.

Beyond the Path2Freedom Monument on a linear axis is the Chapel, forming a nucleus of the surrounding lake, which is the central organizing element of the campus. Water conveys a sense of tranquility, peace, and life that is crucial to the daily experience of the campus for the residents. The lake is a constant reference element and the Chapel sits in a prominent position as a physical focal point. The seven Residential Safe Houses are arranged around the opposite side of the lake from the Chapel. This visual aspect expresses the constant relationship between God and man. 

Buildings for Functional Needs

Counseling Center Building
Education & Vocational Training Building
Recreation & Community Center
Animal Therapy Barn and / or Kennel
Administrative / Intake
Assessment / Medical Care Facility
Seven Residential Safe Houses (containing 3-4 females)

Monuments & Preserve Spaces

Monuments have specific locations and meanings from a planning sense, and are meant to evoke contemplation as a fixed reminder of their individual meanings. The inherent goals and mission of Path2Freedom were translated into categories of psychological and spiritual principles and then translated into tangible elements in the form of designed monuments and preserve spaces. The objective is to take the intangible and abstract and make a sense of “place” out of it. Psychological and spiritual qualities of the mission are included through means of destination spaces or “places” that incorporate, monuments, pavilions, gardens, and natural settings. These monument and preserve spaces are themed based. 


Psychological Principles Represented as Monuments

Freedom Monument
Acceptance Monument
Hope Monument


Spiritual Principles Represented as Preserve Spaces with Pavilions & Gardens

Love Preserve
Peace Preserve
Restoration Preserve
Deliverance Preserve

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