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Join us in giving the gift of joy and genuine love to young survivors!

Welcome the Magnolia Horses Home-$50

Shhh…It’s a surprise.

Animals and Kids, a local nonprofit organization that exists to connect rescued horses with youth, is donating two horses to our Magnolia House residents. The girls have been receiving equine experiences and learning to care for horses through the programs offered at Animals and Kids for the last six months.

Here is what our girls had to say about horses:

I find peace from my anxiety when I am with the horses!” 

“I never felt loved until I looked into the eyes of a horse.

Here’s what the experts say:

By interacting with horses, people with PTSD will often see their own emotional state mirrored in the reactions of the horse with which they are working.”  Mänette Monroe, MD, MEd

Horses bring our girls joy and genuine love! However, horses need to eat. Will you join us in surprising young survivors of human trafficking by supporting our effort to bring our two new horses home.

*Names and photos changed to protect those we serve.

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